About dan

Daniel was raised in southern Missouri where his mother, Shirley McKinney was born and raised. Her love for Country music came from listening to artists like Hank Williams Sr and Merl Haggard who were early inspirations for Daniel. His mother bought him his first guitar at 14yrs old and the first song he learned was Ghost Riders in The Sky. Through his life they moved between Missouri to Illinois to Florida but he always found himself being drawn back to Southern Missouri.

Love Trucks?

Well... Daniel loves them! He does truck restoration. Check out the gallery or his facebook page often. You will probably catch him working on one.

Hear His music

Dan plays some of his songs regularly on Facebook Live. Come hear him play "raw". You can find out more about Dan and his music. Pop in sometime!


Sounds good.keep doing what your doing.

Your song about old Moses is a fantastic ballad. Don’t know if he’s a real person but he certainly comes to life in the song. The hobo song. What guy hasn’t thought about grabbing that bar and swinging himself up into a slow moving boxcar and traveling to the next town. Great stuff! The song about finding your Lady sleeping and wishing her lovely dreams. That’s beautiful stuff, man! Let me know where you want things posted. Keep on singin’.

I am a True Missourian. Born and raised! Thank you for sharing your awesome music!